Château Montrose 2016 Magnum AOC Saint Estephe

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475,00 €
entspricht 316,67 € pro 1 Liter (l)
Herstellerland: Frankreich
Weinart: Stillwein
Weinfarbe: rot
Geschmack: trocken
Alkohol: 13,5%
Lieferbar: Lieferzeit 2-3 Werktage
enthält Sulfite
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Kurzübersicht Château Montrose 2016 Magnum AOC Saint Estephe

Château Montrose 2016 Magnum

Appellation: Saint-Estèphe

Klassifizierung: Deuxième Cru Classé en 1855

Gemeinde: Saint-Estèphe
Önologe: G. Ribéreau-Gayon
Rebsorten: 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc
Rebfläche: 68 ha
Jahresproduktion: 371 000 Flaschen
Durchschnittl. Rebalter: 35 Jahre
Pflanzdichte: 9000 Stöcke/ha
Neuholzanteil: 50%

Château Montrose 2016 Magnum AOC Saint Estephe


Chateau Montrose 2016 Magnum



Matthias Hilse 100 Punkte

Subskriptionsindex 20/20



James Suckling

"A solid and tight Montrose with a linear structure of ripe tannins that gives wonderful length and energy. Full-bodied, yet reserved and toned. Stone and mineral character underneath is impressive. Beautiful center palate. The class and focus are marvelous. Better than 2015. This is what Montrose is all about."

97-98 Punkte




Antonio Galloni

"The 2016 Montrose is a wine of remarkable depth, density and power. Large-scale and ample in all dimensions, the 2016 hits the palate with a serious richness. Today, the 2016 comes across as incredibly youthful and primary. There is not much in the way of bouquet at this stage. Instead, the 2016 impresses with its power, drive and exceptionally persistent finish. It is a remarkable wine in every way, but won't be ready to drink anytime soon. Tasted two times."

93-96 Punkte




Tim Atkin




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Weitere Verkostungsnotizen Château Montrose 2016 Magnum AOC Saint Estephe

The Wine Advocate:

"The 2016 Montrose is a blend of 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 7% Cabernet Franc (no Petit Verdot this year) picked between 23 September to 14 October and matured in 60% new oak. It has a very sophisticated bouquet with blackberry, briary, a touch of blue fruit and violets. Sometimes this Saint Estèphe can be a little broody at en primeur, but this certainly is more expressive, maintaining very fine delineation and precision, unfolding with each swirl of the glass and revealing a hidden graphite/marine influence. The palate is very fresh on the entry. The first facet of this wine that strikes you is the freshness that lasts from start to finish. This is an animated, vivacious Montrose that starts in almost understated fashion yet builds in the mouth towards what is almost a sensual finish, not a descriptor often applied to Montrose. It is a disarmingly and hauntingly beautiful 2016, extremely long and the aftertaste lasting two or three minutes. NB This is one example where I felt my second visit, over a fortnight after the first, revealed a wine with much greater potential, and I therefore raised my banded score accordingly."

Neal Martin 97-99 Punkte

Quelle: #230

René Gabriel's BDX Total:

"Samtenes, konzentriertes, fein opulentes Bouquet, schwarzer Cassis, Backpflaumen, Black Currant, Graphit, Edelhölzer, Trüffel, Lakritze. Konzentrierter, dichtverwobener, kraftvoller, vielschichtiger Gaumen mit kräftiger, dunkler Frucht, samtener, muskulöser Struktur, vielfältiger, dunkler, kräftiger, komprimierter Aromatik, sehr viel feinem Tannin, sehr langer, cremiger, aromatischer Abgang mit vielen Rückaromen."

André Kunz 20/20 -  2025 bis 2060


Decanter Magazine:

"In many ways this is a Bordeaux vintage for lovers of great Burgundy - it has the depth and intensity but also a floral, fragrant edge to it; something that is encapsulated perfectly in the classicism of Montrose. This needs some time in the glass as its structure is long and straight, true to the signature of the property. It shows clear depth and precision, and gorgeously placed spice with the sweetness of the black cherry and wild fig stealing in along the side of the palate. The young vines suffered at Montrose because the estate has lots of gravelly, well drained soils, but the proximity to the river provided cooling nights and you can feel far more waves of vibrant freshness than in the 2015 vintage, even with the same tannin index of 80IPT (compared to 70IPT in 2014). An excellent wine which represents 37% of overall production. 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 7% Cabernet Franc."

Jane Anson 96 Punkte


Jancis Robinson:

"Gravel and then clay (rather than mixed as in Tronquoy). 9 ha organic and 6 ha biodynamic. They intend to be fully organic in five years. 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Franc.
Very dark blackish crimson. Great, fresh, minerally savour on the nose. Lots of intensity initially. Sweet start – quite a surprise in a way – and then lots of structure. Doesn't quite hang together yet but there is masses of potential. Sweet, fresh ink. Good raciness. Quite muscular but not at all heavy. An edge of acidity is evident without the strong stoniness of St-Estèphe. Just a little bit stringy on the end. Lots of life and freshness (clays help). Pretty glamorous."

Jancis Robinson MW 18/20


Jeff Leve:

"Inky black in color with incredible levels of density, the first thing you notice when the wine hits your palate is the salty, mineral-driven tannins. The purity of the fruit, concentration, richness and velour textures bring you to pleasure with spice, dark chocolate, licorice, blackberry and plum notes. The endnote resonates for at least 60 seconds! Completely satisfying in every way. In the old days you’d need a cigarette after tasting this wine! The best wine since the historic duo of 2009 and 2010, this is right at that level, or even better! Time alone, will be the final arbiter. The Grand Vin was produced from just 36% of the crop, blending 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 7% Cabernet Franc. This wine reached 13.3% alcohol with a pH of 3.55. The harvest took place September 23 to October 14."

99-100 Punkte

Quelle: © with the courtesy of Jeff Leve

Bettane & Desseauve:

"Etonnante densité de matière, même par rapport aux critères habituels, intense, minéral, d’une merveilleuse précision, illustrant le niveau actuel de travail des grandes propriétés médocaines."

98 Punkte


Jean-Marc Quarin:

"Le 20 février dernier, je découvrais l'assemblage du Montrose juste fait. Le vin venait d'être remué et pourtant, j'ai été stupéfait d'évaluer sa qualité entre 19 et 20. Je l'ai regoûté cette semaine et là, Boum ! Il s'agit d'un tout autre style que 1990, 2003, 2009 et 2010. Une approche plus sophistiquée, plus complexe. Le trésor de ce cru ? La puissance. Dompté et apprivoisé, voici que Montrose gagne une expression inédite. La rareté, l'inexplicable en 2016 demeure cette combinaison d'un pH bas (3,55) et d'IPT élevé à 78. Ces deux éléments devraient renforcer la fermeté du tannin. Eh bien non ! Ici, la pulpe ne cesse d'irriguer la bouche. Jamais le grain de tannin ne ressort. Le dessin au palais se révèle parfait. Bravo !
Couleur très sombre. Nez intense, fin, au fruité mûr, pur et profond. Fantastique entrée en bouche ! Le vin monte au milieu, dense, de suite complexe et se met à fondre, lentement, riche, noble, avec beaucoup de goût. Il rebondit en finale en s'achevant juteux dans une très grande longueur profonde qui laisse la bouche fraîche. Waouh !
Alcool : 13,3° (moyenne basse) – pH : 3,55 (moyenne basse) – IPT : 78 (moyenne haute). Assemblage : 68 % cabernet sauvignon, 8 % cabernet franc, 25 % de merlot. Sélection : 37 % de la production. Rendement : 42,5 hl/ha."

100 Punkte

Quelle: Quarin, Jean-Marc © Copyright, Jean-Marc Quarin (JMQ)

VINOUS/vormals Neal Martin:

"The 2016 Montrose has a tightly wound bouquet that is extremely well focused. This is one of the most pixelated aromatics I can remember on a Montrose at this stage, featuring blackberry, boysenberry and cedar and real mineralité underneath. The palate is medium-bodied with fine density and wonderful salinity. There is tremendous precision with razor-sharp tannin, and a brightness on the finish that is exceptional. This is a Montrose that will comfortably sit alongside the canon of great vintages from this Saint-Estèphe estate. As my score implies, it’s up there with the first growths. Stunning."

Neal Martin 99 Punkte

Quelle: Januar 2019



"The 2016 Montrose is every bit as impressive as it was from barrel, maybe more. Tightly wound and vertical, with remarkable intensity, the 2016 is simply magnificent. The tannins are there, but they are nearly buried by the sheer intensity of the fruit. All the elements are impeccably balanced in a wine of pedigree, depth and character. The 2016 is going to need a number of years to be at its best, but it is clearly a very special wine in the making. In a word: dazzling."

Antonio Galloni 98 Punkte

Quelle: Januar 2019



"The 2016 Montrose is a wine of remarkable depth, density and power. Large-scale and ample in all dimensions, the 2016 hits the palate with a serious richness. Today, the 2016 comes across as incredibly youthful and primary. There is not much in the way of bouquet at this stage. Instead, the 2016 impresses with its power, drive and exceptionally persistent finish. It is a remarkable wine in every way, but won't be ready to drink anytime soon. Tasted two times."

Antonio Galloni 93-96 Punkte

Quelle: April 2017

Yves Beck:

"68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 7% Cabernet Franc

Pourpre intense. Bouquet de bonne intensité, caractère complexe, très fin. Je relève des notes de griottes et de framboises ainsi qu’une touche de thé noir. A l’aération je relève également des pruneaux, des myrtilles et des notes de genièvre. La mise en bouche est compacte et marquée par des notes minérales et fruitées. Structure tannique élégante, parfaitement intégrée et qui apparait tardivement. Le corps est marqué par la fraîcheur, le fruit et la structure. Cette dernière porte le fruit idéalement jusqu’en fin de bouche. Je relève également les notes de cerise et le caractère minéral. Finale persistante. Un Montrose qui ira dans le temps."

97-99 Punkte

Quelle: © with the courtesy of Yves Beck

Roger Voss:

"96–98. Barrel Sample. Big in tannins and fruit, this is an impressive, complete wine. Its structure and density are magnificent, as is its black fruitiness. The wine has an edge of austerity, along with dry tannins that promise considerable aging. A major performance from this estate."

96-98 Punkte





Revue du Vin de France:

"Il impose un volume de bouche impressionnant, avec une masse tannique rarement vue, mais très équilibrée par sa vivacité. Ce vin massif, terriblement dense, à la superbe maturité de fruit devra être patiemment attendu. Tout en muscle et interminable."


Quelle: La Revue du Vin de France N° 611



Chateau : Château Montrose


Château Montrose

FR 33180 Saint Estèphe